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learn with us

Hope does not just provide services to people in need. We are a hub to expand, gather and promote learning and knowledge.

In our work with those who use our services we do much more than giving food and clothes: we change lives through learning and skills, including offering accredited and other courses to get people into work, into such areas as catering and horticulture. We help people become advocates for themselves, through learning how to campaign.

Our practice is informed by evidence and is the product of regular, ongoing scanning of research and evidence-based practice.

Hope teaches in aschools about homelessness and poverty. Contact us if you want to work with your students.

Hope offers placement experience to vocational further education students who will work in settings like ours, including the disciplines of social work, youth work, social care and occupational therapy. We offer a learning environment that offers exposure to the theory as well as the practice that underpins our work, with available literature and resources to guide students to understand the context in which our work occurs. This includes both an on-site hard copy library, access to web-based resources and prepared, digested reading lists.

We advise and support students in other disciplines too, such as marketing, business studies, social enterprise, journalism, and many more, offering opportunities for learning practice. Students should look out for opportunities through their course organisers, or just ask to come to Hope. Contact us to discuss placements or to see if it will be right for you.


Simmi’s Story

Read about her work placement at Hope here

We run occasional courses for those looking to grow their skills in community work and homelessness.

October 12th Community Organising course – FREE – bookings here

We teach on academic courses at the University of Northampton.

Hope is also the locus for research. Hope has acted as a research site for studies in a wide range of disciplines, and from a range of Universities, including the University of Northampton, South Bank and the Open University. Every study is carefully reviewed for its ethical aspects and purpose, and the learning has informed practice in our field of work.
If you are interested in discussing research ideas involving our service users and practice, please contact Hope.

Of course, through our training for our service users, we also provide them will skills and knowledge, confidence and communication skills. We help service users to have confidence and assertiveness in asking for what they are entitled to and to stand up to the injustice they experience – learning is embedded in work with our customers!

Reading lists and references for researchers about on homelessness, poverty and social enterprise

Reading list on  social housing


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