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Keep Hope Alive

The 4 steps to help Hope

  1. If you haven’t already done so, please sign the petition set up by our patron Sally Keeble at

  2. Send letters to the CEO of Northampton Borough Council, George Candler; Chief Executive of Midland Heart, Glenn Harris and Chair of the Board of Midland Heart, John Edwards.

    There is a letter template and list of facts which may be of use in writing a letter, available as downloads at the foot of this page.

  3. Should you wish to know more or be kept informed of changes please do get in touch with Hope using calling 0121 666 5319

  4. Share this page or any of our social media pages with anyone you know

The Background to what has happened

On 15thOctober, The Hope Centre were given just 12 months’ notice to vacate the day centre facility in Oasis House. The Day Centre, as you and anyone who has ever had experience of Hope knows, is a place where the homeless and vulnerable of Northampton have come to know and trust. Individuals who use the service receive a fantastic service, and being asked to leave is already having a negative impact on many of those people we seek to support.

Change and uncertainty always impacts badly on the most vulnerable and we want to ensure that we keep their feelings at the forefront of our thoughts and actions. It is with that in mind that we ask you, our supporters to help us.

We have been told that the space we now occupy will be converted into a relocated council nightshelter: the decision to evict us was clearly made between two organisations, but without wider consultation. We are hoping that we can get Midland Heart to change their decision, made apparently with the support of Northampton Borough Council, to evict us and ask them to find an alternative venue for the Nightshelter, rather than unnecessarily renovating a building which is already in use and supporting the homeless and others in need very effectively.

Help us keep Hope alive in Northampton

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