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food at Hope

Food is central to Hope

Read here to find out how Hope uses food in many different ways to bring benefits to individuals and our community.

Not having enough food to eat is, alongside having no home, the most extreme level of poverty.

We provide access to high quality, healthy food through our day centre and food club, offered in a positive, fair and dignified manner to people in need. By doing so, we improve people’s health and wellbeing. It’s the simplest way in which we provide essential charitable services to people in need, but it is only the start. For us food is a way of driving change, for individuals, and our society.

We provide both cold and hot food in our day centre, and provide food to take away.

We teach people how to cook and to budget in our day centre so they can eat well on low incomes. 

In 2018 we started growing vegetables and salad for our various food services, reclaiming derelict urban land for productive use and offering training and education in horticulture and the value of fresh veg. Read about this here

Hope’s foodclub provides discount, but heathy and fresh food to people on benefits , who join hte club on a membership system, Funded by the People’s Lottery and BCBN, you can read about the project here

Through Hope Catering we offer training in catering for disadvantaged people as a step back onto the employment ladder and towards self-sufficiency

We are active members of the Sustainable Food Northampton partnership – working to improve access to good food for all Northampton’s citizens.

We are members of Good Food Organisations Canada as an international affiliate:

We are also members of the UK’s Independent Food Aid Network:

There are other sources of food aid for people in need in the county; here is the current directory


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