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A Message from our CEO

Hope is on a mission and we need your help

We are experiencing a crisis in homelessness and the numbers of people struggling with the impacts of financial hardship are at a record high. Over the decades our charity has developed strong community relationships and partnerships, working with the local council, schools, businesses, volunteers and volunteer organisations.

We work together to not just rebuild lives, but to intervene before crisis, to prevent the lasting impacts of severe hardship, with food and debt support, community projects, workshops and wellbeing groups.

Dealing with the severe impacts of homelessness demands a partnership approach, it’s crucial to the work we do and with your support we believe we can enable positive social change.

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Founding Vision

We began as a voluntary soup kitchen in 1974 and have developed a successful support process which not just helps people out of hardship, but empowers individuals with the necessary tools and support to sustain stability.

From the outset our founding vision has been rooted in understanding the underlying causes of adversity, enabling us to deliver personalised assistance tailored to each individual’s needs.

Our goal extends beyond crisis intervention; we aim to foster long-term resilience by addressing the root causes of hardship.

Through many years of hard work and dedication we have developed strong and robust relationships with key organisations including the NHS, West Northampton Council, Housing agencies and other support and advisory services.

This network allows us to coordinate resources and expertise to those that need it. Through this approach we demonstrate best practice in changing lives. Through our modern day centre and integrated support processes we play a pivotal role in combating homelessness and delivering essential aid to individuals facing acute hardship.

Our Work

Our work helps people experiencing homelessness and issues relating to hardship, including addiction, mental health and well-being.

We provide crisis support at our homeless centre with items such as warm clothing, blankets and sleeping bags.

We are open 6 days a week offering breakfast, hot drinks and a hot meal.

Once trust is established, our team and partners work hard to understand the unique circumstances that has led to crisis, and help them back into secure accommodation.

As well as attending to crisis and practical needs, our holistic approach focuses on helping people to help themselves and we run workshops, community projects and weekly Food Clubs that provide support for as long as needed.

These services form part of our prevention strategy, which helps thousands of people in the wider community.

Behind The Hope

Meet Our Team

Alex Copeland - Hope Centre Northampton

Alex Copeland

Louise Danielsczuk - Hope Centre Northampton

Louise Danielczuk

Head of Development
Tanya Haji-Miller - Hope Centre Northampton

Tanya Haji-Miller

Community and Events Fundraiser
James Bayliss - Hope Centre Northampton

James Bayliss

Project Manager
Kyra Williams - Hope Centre Northampton

Kyra Williams

Marketing Manager
Michelle Smith - Hope Centre Northampton

Michelle Smith

Corporate Engagement Lead
Debbie Russell - Hope Centre Northampton

Debbie Russell

Catering and Training Manager
Richard Shilcock - Hope Centre Northampton

Richard Shilcock

Chef - Hand Up
John Chiltern - Hope Centre Northampton

John Chilton

Ranjit Gallagher - Hope Centre Northampton

Ranjit Gallagher

Volunteer Coordinator
Dawn Goodacre - Hope Centre Northampton

Dawn Goodacre

Progress Coach
Yioda Argyrou - Hope Centre Northampton

Yioda Argyrou

Activity and Training Coordinator
Kelly Line - Hope Centre Northampton

Kelly Line

Progress Coach - Crisis, Progress & Prevention Services
Joanne Pritchard - Hope Centre Northampton

Joanne Pritchard

Hand-Up Support Service Partnership Manager
Kathleen Tanoh - Hope Centre Northampton

Kathleen Tanoh

Grow! Cook! Eat! Coordinator
Jo Dowdy - Hope Centre Northampton

Jo Dowdy

Finance Officer
Holly Atkins - Hope Centre Northampton

Holly Atkins

Office Manager
Clare Brown - Hope Centre Northampton

Clare Brown

Matt Passchier - Hope Centre Northampton

Matthew Passchier

Community Larders & Food Engagement Manager
Rosemary Lucas - Hope Centre Northampton

Rosemary Lucas

Finance Officer
Jazmine Hiscock - Hope Centre Northampton

Jazmine Hiscock

Grow! Cook! Eat! Mentor
Ryan Eyre - Hope Centre Northampton

Ryan Eyre

Warehouse Manager