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Hope Centre 50th Birthday

50 Years of Hope

2024 is our 50th Anniversary! During this momentous year we will be reflecting on the journey we’ve undertaken and the milestones we’ve achieved along the way. It’s an occasion that fills us with immense pride, and we’re excited to share this special year with all of you. Our theme for this significant milestone is “The Changing Face of Homelessness.” Over the past half-century, we have witnessed remarkable transformations in our society, but the issue of homelessness and hardship continues to persist. While we’ve made slow but positive strides in understanding the underlying social causes of homelessness, there’s still much work to be done to eradicate the stigma that often accompanies it, further burdening those already facing hardships and homelessness.

The Changing Face of Homelessness

One of the most important aspects of our anniversary celebration is the opportunity to challenge preconceived notions about homelessness and hardship. Our theme is ‘The Changing Face of Homelessness’. We will be spending time illustrating the complexity and diversity of the causes of homelessness. If you take the time to look into the lives of people affected by homelessness you begin to realise that the many preconceived ideas just don’t ring true. Homelessness is not long term, and its not ultimately about individual issues such as mental health problems or substance misuse.

The rising cost of private rents for example has meant there has been a shift towards professions such as nursing and their families, becoming affected. There is growing number of refugees fleeing conflict and the new problem of on-line gambling is increasing numbers of people rough sleeping or sofa-surfing as debts spiral. Within the UK there has been a decline in the availability of social housing and the lack of affordable housing means there are not enough to keep up with increasing populations. In the UK, almost one in 10 of the workforce are in unreliable work and the huge increases in inflation has further increased high housing costs, these social circumstances means secure housing and financial security is not a reality for groups of people in our society.

Our Anniversary Commitment:

During 2024 we will delve deep into the lives of those facing homelessness and struggling with hardship. By sharing their unique stories, we aim to provide a window into what homelessness and hardship looks like in 2024 and how it has evolved over the past five decades – both the positive and negative changes. Our goal is to showcase what processes and support systems have proven effective and work to build on our history and legacy to improve services and support provision in the district.

What to expect:

Over the next 12 months, this page will evolve as we take you on our 50-year journey. We will regularly update it with information on upcoming events, links to new stories, and most importantly, ways in which you can get involved in our incredible milestone. By participating in our anniversary celebrations, you can make a real impact on the lives of those who find themselves in heartbreaking situations, struggling with homelessness and hardship.

Take Part:

50 for 50 – Challenges

50 Year’s of Hope

Move 50 Miles in 50 Days, hold a 50p bake sale, donate £50 for each new business sign up, organise a 50 item prize raffle! Throughout the year we are organising ’50 for 50′ fundraisers to help support people facing homelessness and hardship.

Contact tanya@northamptonhopecentre for our information pack. If you have a fundraiser in mind click the link below to download your sponsorship form.

Download your sponsorship form HERE.


When: Saturday 3rd February, 7.30pm – 7.30 am. Lower Mounts.

We had a fantastic Big Sleep Out event this year, and raised a staggering £41,792, one of our most successful Sleep Out events following the pandemic. We had 70 attendees on the event with additional businesses taking part on their own premises.

Hope Charity Ball

Come and celebrate our 50th birthday at our Charity Ball. It will be a wonderful evening with food entertainment and a charity auction.

  • Welcome drinks with a performance by ‘Take Note’ choir.
  • 3 course meal
  • David Miller ‘magical showman’ will be wowing guests!
  • Silent Auction with some amazing items on the table.
  • Evening entertainment with an Elvis and Rat Pack tribute act by Paul Robinson.
  • Local DJ Chris Lowrie will finish the night with a DJ set.

The evening starts at 6pm on Saturday 22nd June at Northampton Town Hotel.

Keep In Touch:

Keep in touch! Keep an eye on our social media channels and our website as we approach our 50th anniversary. We invite you to join us in reflecting on the changing face of homelessness. Together, we can work towards a future where homelessness is eradicated, and individuals facing hardships receive the support and understanding they deserve. We look forward to the year ahead, filled with exciting events and opportunities for all of us to make a lasting difference in the lives of those affected by homelessness and hardship. Thank you for being part of our journey, and here’s to the next 50 years of progress, compassion, and change.

Donate to support people facing homelessness and hardship this year.

50 Year’s of Hope

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