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#EatHeatHope Food Donation Campaign
#EatHeatHope Food Donation Campaign

Meeting Growing Demand

Over the last 12 months, demand for our services has reached a record high. Our donation boxes provide us with a regular supply of seasonal food and household goods to help us feed the growing numbers of people struggling with hardship and facing homelessness.

Could your business or organisation collect food on our behalf?

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How we use the donations

Food donated to the Hope Centre doesn’t all go to our Food Clubs; some of the food goes to our Hand Up Service at Oasis House, which is open daily to the homeless community.

At Hand Up, we provide breakfasts, hot tea, coffee, and a daily hot meal to the homeless community in Northampton.

But it is not just food!

Through our donation stations, we are also collecting toiletries and personal care items; these products are often expensive through supermarkets and helping people who are struggling with these costly items will give them greater ability to pay for bills and food we can’t always supply, such as fresh meat and fish.

Can you become a station?

Make an impact. Support The Hope Centre by becoming a food donation location.

Helping people with basic resources such as food and costly household goods helps money go further. It helps people pay energy bills to keep families warm, helps them afford clothing for children, and helps people better manage day-to-day living without needing crisis intervention.

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