People donate a huge volume of things, as well as their time and money, to Hope.

The majority of these items are clothes and food. Please ask us before collecting  other items to give to us in case we can’t use them or they are of less value to homeless people, or there is something we need more. An example are scarves, which we get a lot of, and as such are not as great a priority as other items.

Both food and clothes are put to good use directly in our service delivery: in feeding people in need and in clothing people.

Food is divided into what goes into our day centre and what goes into our food club. During the harvest and Christmas periods a lot of this can be delivered directly to our food warehouse rather than to our day centre and during this period we will tell you how to do this on social media and on this site. At other periods, please bring these donations to the Hope day centre between 9.30 and 12.30 Mondays to Saturdays or ring to find out how to deliver the warehouse or arrange pick ups.

For the 2019 Harvest festival, please read how to donate HERE

On this website and on social media we say what we need desperately at any one time. It always includes sugar, fresh veg, squash, tea and coffee.

Clothes (including shoes): A lot of what we are given is provided for homeless people to wear and all underwear, which we always need, goes directly for this purpose. We carefully sort all clothes donated into categories.

We have opened an innovative charity shop where alongside general sales, people on low incomes are able to buy clothes at discount rates under a membership scheme, as we do with some food through our foodclub. As a whole the charity shop income directly supports our day centre. Some of the clothes you donate will be allocated to the shop, if we have too many for the day centre.

Some of the clothes may be sold for rags if they are not suitable to be used by homeless people.

Some of the clothes will also be sold through jumble sales to raise funds for our work.

Some will be sold on ebay to raise funds.

All clothes donations benefit people in acute need, either through being directly supplied to them, or sold to raise funds for work with them. Staff never have first pick on donated clothes for their personal use. They buy from the shop like anyone else.

If anyone is interested in becoming part of our team to collect, sort and sell clothes or food, contact

All clothes donations should be brought to the charity shop at 61 Abington Street (NN12AW), but if you have lots to donate, we may be able to collect them. Ring us on 08455199371 if this is the case.

Other items: We will take bric a brac and other items to sell in the shop.

We welcome work wear, especially boots; plus torches.

We have an Amazon wishlist of other items available here

Talk to us through facebook or by phone in regard to bedding, children’s items, tents and sleeping bags. We may be able to help.

We will place appeals either on this site or on social media for other specific items we need.


You can donate by recycling goods: Check this out here: