Sunnies and Spooks Supporting Hope

Sunnies and Spooks

Local sunflower and pumpkin farm Sunnies and Spooks at Kislingbury, are supporting Northampton Hope Centre this year. Every year sunflowers and hundreds of pumpkins are left to waste at the end of the season, this year we came up with a solution for the waste produce.

Harvest is an incredibly important time for us at Northampton Hope Centre. The shelves at our warehouse are low on stock and we are anticipating a difficult winter. It feels like a long way away with the sun shining but we need to be prepared for the challenges winter will bring. A team of volunteers will be visiting the farm at the end of each picking season and collecting any left over sunflowers and pumpkins.

Did you know it’s out 50th birthday next year?! Seeds from the sunflowers are going to be collected and packaged up to be used as part of a 2025 ‘Grow 50’ schools competition, launching in the spring. Fundraising from the seeds will help support our service next year.

We also have also put a shout out to any business volunteers to help us collect left over pumpkins on the 1st November. We are ready to prep and cook! Kathleen Tanoh, our Grow Cook Eat Coordinator and Debbie Russel our Catering and Training Manger have planned a series of pumpkin cooking events, to teach communities how make delicious, simple meals with squashes and pumpkins. Recipes, tasting sessions and Sunnies and Spooks pumpkins will be cooked up in stews, soups and casseroles for our homeless community, and pumpkins and recipes will be delivered  to customers at our community larders.

To support our initiative you can make a direct donation by following this LINK.

Visitors to Sunnies and Spooks can help our campaign by making a donation when they visit the farm. Keep an eye on our social media to keep track of the campaign progress. We need some advice on pumpkin recipes.

For up-to-date information on Sunnies and Spooks, visit their Facebook Page HERE.

Or visit Sunnies and Spooks website HERE.

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