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A gift forever

Leave a legacy, do something that is life changing

Your will is your lasting legacy, it demonstrates your wish to change the future of the lives of people impacted by homelessness and hardship. With a gift in your will, we can turn lives around.

Leave a legacy for Hope Centre
Leaving a legacy for Hope

Why leave a gift in your will?

For over 50 years, Hope has been here for people struggling with hardship in the local community. We had just under 12,000 visits to our homeless centre in 2023 and provided over 40,000 food parcels to households, every year we successfully meet rising demand. By remembering Hope in your Will, you’ll ensure we can continue to be here, for as long as we’re needed.

A lasting wish

A gift in your Will to Hope is an incredible way to demonstrate your compassion and wish to impact the lives of people facing hardship in the local community. Every day for 50 years, we have been here to help people at their lowest, your gift will help us be here for the next 50.

Leaving a legacy for Hope

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