Hope has been serving the community of Northampton for 45 years, since early beginnings feeding homeless people. In that time we have evolved into a much wider charity, with a range of services for a much wider client group.

Services for homeless people are still a huge part of what we do, and we offer help through our day centre and linked training and casework services to manage the impact of homelessness and help people move on.

But we also help people with other needs: isolation, loneliness, addictions, mental health problems, abuse, trauma. The linking theme is often poverty, and poverty is central to our mission.

We are also a community charity in terms of our support. Close to 100 community volunteers, plus company and business support, support from churches, schools, community groups, groups of friends and students. Between them they keep us running, with donations of time, clothes, food and of course money. Hope is 98% funded entirely by charitable donations. People give because they believe in what Hope does and what we stand for: compassion, care without limits, regard, anger about the scandal of poverty and willingness to keep on supporting the most vulnerable until we are no longer needed.