Hope’s environmental work

Hope is not just a homelessness and poverty charity. We are carry out environmental work as part of the primary aims of our charity. We are committed to sustainable development goals.


We need food to feed homeless people and others in poverty. Some of this we grow ourselves and we have created a large allotment plot to grow food. This has reclaimed derelict urban land, adds to bio-divesity and reduces food miles.

We compost as much food waste as we can.

We take food at the end of its shelf-life, from shops, restaurants and supermarkets, but before use by date, and we make use of it to feed people in poverty and low incomes. Much of this would otherwise end up in landfill. Again this is hundreds of kg recycled every year. We are very much a charity active in food waste, although our main concern is not food waste itself, but rather that surplus food is used feed people in need.

Clothes and tools

We recycle donated clothes for use by homeless people or others in poverty, or to raise funds for the charity through sale in our charity shop.  Some is turned back into fibre.

We run a recycled garden tools workshop which takes old tools that are broken or would otherwise end up in landfill; we restore them, giving them a second life. Every year hundreds of kg of landfill’scrapping is avoided.

Transport and use of resources

Our staff travel by car very little and our transport footprint is negligible.

We carefully select new equipment we buy, for its environmental pedigree, but as a charity we also take donations of office equipment that is saved from scrap, but which may not have had the highest environmental standards in its original construction. We think its re-use off-sets this.