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severe weather emergency protocol – SWEP

Providing shelter in cold weather – SWEP

When it’s really cold in the winter, Hope supports the running of SWEP in our day centre, providing an emergency shelter where the street homeless can stay overnight and get out of the cold. We  accommodated over 35 people on some nights during the very cold weather in the winter of 2017-18.

It makes a real difference: the difference between life and death. Seven homeless people died during that winter, and others, who hesitated before coming to SWEP, suffered the consequences of being out in the cold. One SWEP user, a man with learning difficulties, who was denied access to another shelter due to £80 rent arrears he owed, lost most of his toes to frostbite in March 2018.

When we run SWEP, Hope is strongly supported by other organisations and charities, including the Langar Seva based in the Sikh community.


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