Chairman’s Event

Garden Event Celebrates Hope

On the 18th of May, our Chairman, Ben Leadsom, hosted a garden party to celebrate our milestone birthday, 50 years of service supporting people facing homelessness and hardship. The event brought together our Board members, Trustees past and present, and many of our close friends, dedicated supporters and good number of potential new friends, providing a moment to reflect on our achievements and discuss our vision for the future.

Reflecting on Our Journey

Homelessness remains pressing issue, as relevant today as it was when the Hope Centre first started helping people with food through a small soup kitchen, driven by the simple mission to help those in need. Alex took the opportunity to thank attendees and shared our new five year strategy, demonstrating our commitment to not only meet crisis needs, but to prevent people falling into hardship and possible homelessness.

A Vision for the Future

The highlight of the afternoon was an impassioned speech by Ben Leadsom. He shared his deep commitment to the cause and highlighted the profound impact our efforts have had on the community. His words were a powerful reminder of why we do what we do and the importance of continuing our mission.

Our discussions during the event were both reflective and forward-thinking. We have just launched our new five-year strategic plan, outlining our goals and strategies to enhance our support systems. The garden party was the perfect platform to share this vision with our supporters.

Strengthening our Efforts

One of the key focuses of our new strategy is prevention. We aim to build on the work we do to prevent homelessness before it begins, working closely with partner organisations to recognise when people are struggling, and act to provide targeted and appropriate assistance where and when it’s needed. Strengthening these partnerships is crucial to our mission, as it allows us to offer more comprehensive support and respond rapidly to the needs of our community.

Building on Partnerships

The event was an opportunity for us to look to the future, where collaboration is at the heart of our approach. By building on the partnerships we have already established, we can grow as a charity to meet the changing needs of people in the local community. Our work is often reactive, adapting rapidly to external events such as the recent pandemic, cost-of-living crisis, rising rents and rising debt. Our partnership approach ensures we are building a more robust support network for those in need. Our holistic approach ensures that individuals receive the help they need at every stage of their journey, from crisis intervention to long-term stability.

A Heartfelt Thank You

The garden event was not only a celebration of our past achievements but also a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has supported us along the way. The dedication and generosity of our supporters are the lifeblood of the Hope Centre, enabling us to continue our vital work.

As we move into the next chapter of our journey we are filled with determination. The challenges are great, but so is our resolve.

Please support the work we do by making a donation, every donation, no matter how small, makes a difference to people facing homelessness and hardship.

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