Pallets of Hope – Bringing relief from hardship this winter

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Pallets of Hope

This Autumn we are thrilled to launch ‘Pallets of Hope’ to help us support those that rely on us this winter. This is a fantastic initiative launched in collaboration between Franklins Solicitors, Northants Food Reach and His Church Charity. 

We are fundraising for 11 pallets of food, warm clothing and gifts to support our homeless community and people struggling with hardship. The pallets will be ready for distribution in the lead up to Christmas and delivered to 11 locations, including Hand Up at Oasis House and all our Community Larders, so as many individuals and families as possible in the community can benefit.

Timing the delivery of the pallets will help us be prepared for winter with warm clothing for those facing homelessness and gifts and food, so December becomes less of a financial burden to the people we support.

Through His Church (an emergency goods redistribution charity focused on providing food and supplies to those who need it most), we are able to secure pallets of goods for an incredible £500 pallet administration donation which includes delivery. Each pallet has a retail value of £2,500!

The Pallets of Hope campaign aims to raise a minimum of £5,500 which will allow us to receive 11 pallets, with a retail value of £27,500.

We are thrilled to have been approached to take part in this initiative, it is an incredible opportunity to support thousands of people struggling this coming winter. Harvest is a time when we are gathering our resources and storing them to help us through the coming winter months. This initiative has come at exactly the right time to prepare us for what we are expecting to be a very difficult winter.

Take part in the campaign by clicking the link below:

Pallets of Hope

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